Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Crawling and walking (finally!).

Baby D started to crawl at around 7 months and began to pull herself up on things pretty much straight after. Naturally, it was time to re-design the entire house accordingly, packing away lots of things including my bookcases full of cds and my lovely floating glass hi-fi unit – both of these things were considered a climbing frame by Baby D and therefore had to go…
I don’t know why, but Baby D has always found the dangerous items to be the most interesting, mains cables, plug sockets, window latches, etc. I guess it’s like every parent says, you need eyes in the back of your head! Still, having said that we haven’t kiddie-proofed everything as she still needs to understand the meaning of the word “No” and also needs to know how to behave when we visit family and friends houses.

Walking started at 14 months, later than some of her friends but I think that because she got so good (and fast) at crawling, the extra effort of hauling herself up to walk didn’t interest her at first. However, we did decide to pack away her baby walker as she got into the habit of leaning on it and pushing herself around i.e. not really making any effort to walk! Pretty soon after we did that we had a funny two week transition period of Baby D shuffling around on her knees before she finally found her feet! She now has her first proper pair of shoes from Nanny C and there’s no stopping her, she’s already trying to run everywhere, climbing up stairs (when very closely supervised!), enjoying the garden, and I now have another ever-expanding list of kiddie-proofing jobs to do!

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