Monday, 1 June 2009

How it all came about.

Well, it’s now officially a year since I left work to look after our daughter (Baby D) and I thought I’d put a blog together to share the experience of being a full time stay at home dad. Mrs D and I had talked about it at length, she’s the educated one with the qualifications and the salary to match whilst I worked an enjoyable but less well-rewarded service industry job. Neither of us were keen on childcare with somebody else bringing up our daughter and us being at work missing all those special moments like first words, first steps, etc. After looking into childcare costs and seeing just how expensive it was, it seemed the ideal solution was for me to leave work and become daddy-day-care.

At this point I have to give total credit (mad props, much respect, a big shout, etc..) to Mrs D for having the strength to go back to work and for having the confidence in me to step into her shoes without treading on her toes – if that makes any sense?!? This past year has been a total change of lifestyle, responsibilities, priorities, a very steep learning curve (which continues on a daily basis), frustrating, rewarding, immense fun and probably the most important thing I’ll ever do!

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