Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Teething and nappy rash – The saga continues…

It started last week with Baby D’s usual teething symptoms – loss of appetite, not sleeping well, sudden bursts of tears, nappy rash, etc… and when applying the Bonjela I could feel 4 molars coming through – that’s gotta hurt! Things went downhill at the weekend, the loss of appetite turned into vomiting and the nappy rash got worse with broken skin. We couldn’t get her to eat anything and water had to be given in very small doses to avoid it coming straight back up again.

We went to the Chemist on Sunday to get some advice on the nappy rash as the Sudocrem had got rid of the redness but wasn’t any good for the broken skin – we’d tried Savlon which had helped a little but weren’t convinced. The pharmacist recommended bicarbonate of soda, dissolve 1 teaspoon in water and apply to the broken skin with cotton wool, this should help to kill any bacteria. We also picked up some Metanium, a different nappy rash cream which is thicker than Sudocrem. So, armed with the new knowledge and new products we were looking forward to the next nappy change (okay, maybe not).

I have to say that her skin has now cleared up very well, definitely some good advice from the pharmacist.

I took Baby D to see our doctor yesterday as we were more than a little concerned that she hadn’t eaten anything all weekend and had drank very little. He did the usual checks and put it all down to teething, she didn’t have a temperature or any diarrhoea. We got some “standby” antibiotics just in case her symptoms got worse but so far (touch wood, fingers crossed) she seems to be recovering. She drank plenty of water yesterday (again, in small doses) and managed to eat some dry cereal without vomiting.

We gave her some Dioralyte this morning to help rehydration, she’s still pretty lethargic (even Mickey Mouse Club House didn’t cheer her up) but she took 7 ounces of milk without any complaints so everything points to Baby D being on the mend.

I’m sure she’ll be glad when all these teeth are finally through – so will we!

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