Thursday, 16 July 2009

Quality time with mummy.

Back when I was still working and Mrs D was on maternity leave I didn’t get to see much of Baby D during the week as my job involved a long commute, long hours and overseas trips. Not an ideal situation for any of us, especially when I wanted to be there to support and help!
So, once the roles were reversed and Mrs D returned to work, we both wanted to make sure that she got some quality time with our daughter during the week. Despite similar work hours we’re fortunate that Mrs D works fairly close to home and this means that she can see her in the morning and even in the worst case scenario, is home in time to put her up to bed.

On an average day we’ll “swap over” when Mrs D gets home, I’ll finish a few chores, make a start on dinner, etc and Mrs D gets a chance to play with her, give her dinner and take care of bath time.
Obviously, weekends are great as we’re all together. Sometimes I’ll take a step back as we’re halfway through renovating our house and this gives me a chance to get on with a few of the more time consuming/serious jobs – there are enough of them!
Also, perhaps on a more selfish level, it means I can have a break and recharge my batteries a little, even if it’s just walking around the local DIY store for half an hour!

When I think about it, if I were to total up the number of hours that we each spend with Baby D, I don’t think that there would be such a massive difference and as we’re both keen to have a meaningful amount of input bringing her up, it feels like we’re achieving this. I never want there to be a situation where Baby D favours one of us over the other, e.g. if she falls over, scuffs her knee and runs to me instead of mummy. Thankfully, there’s been no sign of this so far so hopefully we’re some way towards getting the balance right…

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