Sunday, 6 September 2009

So, she's a budding interior designer?

Picture the scene, I'm sitting in our living room finishing a luke warm cup of coffee (I can't remember the last time I actually got to finish a hot cup of coffee) and Baby D is toddling about the house, exploring again. All of a sudden I hear a "rrriiiiipp" sound, "Ah" I though, "she's found the local newspaper", no big deal. Anyway, I popped my head outside the door and was confronted with a huge piece of wallpaper hanging off the wall in our hallway - Baby D was sitting on the floor smiling one of her "I've found a new game" kind of smiles.

As it stands, the wallpaper in our hallway is bloody awful, I think I had the same paper in my bedroom back in 1987. It's starting to peel in a lot of places and needs to be replaced -However, I'm still halfway through renovating our house and as such, the hallway will be the last place we'll decorate. I wish I could explain this to a 19 month old, i.e. "Yes, I know the paper is terrible and needs to come off but please, NOT YET!". I had to make do with the usual "No, we don't do that" mini lecture.

After surveying the damage, and to try and stop further "games" I thought the best solution would be to just take the whole strip of wallpaper off. Thankfully, this was surprisingly easy (another testament to the less than perfect decorating skills of our previous occupant) but we've had several re-runs of the "rrriiiiipp" incident since then, and as a consequence our hallway has a delightful "stripy" theme going on with bare wall and wallpaper.

I guess I should be pleased that by the time we finally come to decorate, most of the paper will have already been removed, but I'm also hoping that by then, I've managed to teach Baby D how to use a wallpaper scraper and she can help daddy finish the job properly!

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