Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Time for bed - literally!

Well, another milestone has been reached, a few mornings ago Baby D managed to climb out of her cot! Don’t ask me how she managed it; I was in the bathroom getting ready and heard a “thud”. “Oh, she’s just thrown one of her toys out of the cot” I assumed and carried on brushing my teeth…

A few moments later I thought “That little voice sounds closer than normal” so I went to have a quick peek and sure enough, Baby D is standing at the stair gate in her bedroom doorway smiling at me!

I’ve still got no idea how she managed it, but thankfully it was done in such a way that no injuries were sustained – part of me was thinking “Clever girl”, another part was thinking “blimey, that could have been painful” and another part was thinking “okay, I get the hint, you want us to get you a proper bed”.

The time is most definitely right, she’s 21 months now and loves “making a bed”, we’ll get her up for her first milk of the day and she’ll climb into bed with us and if we’re sitting in the lounge and she’s tired she’ll grab her Igglepiggle blanket, climb onto the sofa, lie down and tuck herself in!

So, whilst I was otherwise occupied with the ongoing house renovations, Mrs D took her out for the day and went bed shopping. We’d had a chat about it, Mrs D did an ace job with the mattress research (my eyes glaze over when I start looking at all the choices out there) and we figured that since we’re hoping to fill the house with Baby Ds, bunk beds would be the sensible forward thinking option (put one up, keep one “flat pack” and put them together once Baby D number 2 is ready for it!).

The bunk beds are coming this week, her 4.5 tog duvet, pillows, waterproof mattress cover and "In The Night Garden" bed linen are ready and waiting, and I’m looking forward to setting it all up. I guess the only thing I’m a bit wary about is the afternoon naps; Baby D isn’t always sleepy but I make a point of putting her up for some quiet time every afternoon, it might take half an hour but she drops off to sleep eventually. Obviously a bed is less restrictive than a cot so I’m wondering how this will affect her quiet time as she’s got a bedroom full of stuff to play with. We’ll just have to play it by ear I guess, she’s a grumpy little person if she misses her afternoon nap so doing away with it is definitely not an option.

Interesting times ahead I think, I’ll keep posting “bed updates” to let you know how things are going!

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  1. Now that's intriguing - our younger is 22 months and still in her cot - but I suspect she'd quite like a bed. So far, she hasn't managed to climb out yet...