Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Fun with formula milk and teething.

My new job (for an incredibly demanding little boss I might add) started when Baby D was 6 months old. We’d managed to get her off the boob and on to formula milk and after Baby D had tried every conceivable variety she decided that she liked Aptamil the best. One bit of advice I’d offer at this point is to try and alternate between boob and bottle from the start as this should avoid the week of tantrums and tears (from both mum and baby) as we tried to persuade our little one that formula milk is not as bad as she thinks it is, or to use a poor analogy, you can’t have steak all the time, sometimes you have to settle for a burger! Teething had also started so that didn’t help Baby D’s mood, coupled with the associated dribbling, snotty nose and nappy rash it wasn’t the happiest experience for her.

We stocked up on teething gel, Sudocrem and bought some plastic water filled teethers that you cool in the fridge and bring out when required, she took to those very well. We also found the Tommy Tippee Nuby bottles really good, the teats have nobbles on them which are designed to be comforting when baby is teething, we still use them as they’re still very effective. The side graduations can be difficult to read if the bottles have just come out of the steriliser (and especially if you’re half asleep at 03:00am) but the plus points definitely outweigh this annoyance.

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